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Bumble-B prototyping

by kevin on December 5th, 2010

This is still very much a work in progress, but the idea is fairly solidified: combining AsyncLabs’ Yellow Jacket with LeafLabs’ Maple, and throwing in a microSD card slot for good measure.  The result is an incredibly powerful wireless platform in a familiar package.  It plays nice with existing Arduino shields, and the microSD and WiFi are driven from dedicated pins, meaning you still have full use of the 14 digital and 6 analog inputs.

preliminary bumble-b screen shot

Above is a screenshot of the layout.  It’s the same size as a standard Arduino, with the exception of the wireless chip jutting out from the rear.  Though this board and the Maple both use STM32 chips, this one relies on features present only in the High Density line of the chip, namely the SDIO hardware (the Maple uses the Medium Density line, but since they’re the same family, they’re electrically and pin compatible).  Added bonuses of the High Density line?  Audio: 12 bit DAC and two I2S modules.

If you would like to hack at this project in progress, source files are on github.

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